About Bird’s Eye View Jibs

We get the shot.

We brought the first jibs to DC in 1993. Since that time we have shot over 2600 production days, locally and across the country using everything from film cameras to DSLR’s. We have been part of inaugurals, State of the Union Address, live events, taped events, TV, commercials, documentaries, movies, parades, corporate events, PSA’s, music videos, sporting events and more.

Behind the lens.

The journey to bringing the first Jimmy Jib to Washington, DC. in 1993 was a long and winding road. Most of you know me as the “Jibguy” and for the last twenty plus years I have been. But, before that, my life revolved around lighting. I was the Production Director at a lighting rental house where I would spec the equipment, throw it in a truck, and light the job.

I spent several years doing freelance lighting and working on features which gave me access to and the ability to work with dollies and cranes. I was drawn to the camera in motion and became an expert dolly grip and Tulip Crane operator.

Operating the jib is my passion and full time job. Unlike some of my competitors, who operate a jib as a sideline to their business, I have focused on being the best Jib Operator around and I continue that goal on every shoot today! If you want to save time and money getting the shot you want, call me and let’s talk about it.

Washington D.C.

1119 Queen St NE.,
Washington,DC 20002

Stafford, Virginia:

6 Tom Court
Stafford, Virginia 22554

(703) 690-2901

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