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Need Stanton Jimmy Jib rentals in the Mid Atlantic with an industry known highly experienced jib operator? Our 3 Stanton jib rentals come with not only the most highly proficient jib operators, but are equipped with custom modifications engineered in only our rigs, designed from years of experience . Bird’s Eye View Jibs also delivers you cutting edge jib rental packages with just a technician so you can also use your own skilled jib operators. We do all the work.. set up your Jimmy Jib package on your site, wrap the jib from your location, transport it back to our shop, check it in and make sure its well serviced for its next shoot. Its that easy. Place your order today. 703-690-2901


The Jimmy Jib Triangle has become the industry standard for modular jib arms. Able to support most video cameras such as Reds, Arri’s, Sony, Ike and DSLRs. The Triangle can be configured from 6′ to 40′ in reach. Its modular design with 8 possible arm sizes can take the camera up to 40 feet in the air. Built on a moveable base, the Triangle can be easily repositioned. Bird’s Eye View Jibs has been used on 100’s of television shows, concerts, feature films, commercials, sporting events, industrials documentaries, architectural, and music videos.

Our inventory includes three Jimmy Jibs as well as track wheels, and dutch heads to serve your biggest show.

From 6′ to 40′, You’ll love the cut of our jib.

Check out some of our work below: